CEBC Grenada

Transforming lives from the inside out!

The Chrysalis Education and Business Centre® (CEBC) is a full-service human resource development institution that provides academic training from beginner to advanced levels in Math, English, Literacy and Computing, as well as business readiness training and development services. The CEBC is dedicated to helping individuals reach their maximum potential through elevating students' educational standing and equipping professionals with optimal skills for complete success.

Several islands across the Caribbean are small states with a significant amount of untapped human resource potential.  Countries lack up-to-date national academic assessment data and prolong educational policies that push for students' advancement through grades despite inadequate levels of competency. The limited number of academic extension programs causes a lack of structured educational opportunities

The CEBC provides a superior learning experience aimed at producing an “elite” group of people who will become the national standard of excellence in wisdom, self-discipline, organization, self-confidence, and leadership skills. Their distinction in Christian character, reasoning, and academics will empower them to affect exceptional changes in their country.

Are you ... 

A student looking to apply to international colleges or universities for career advancement?

A business owner in search of professional development training for your employees?

An adult wishing to return to school, gain additional CXC passes,  or start a business?

A parent who's worried about a child's academic competency?

We have the solution for your success!

Program Philosophy

Students have a variety of learning styles. We use this to present our teaching materials in a variety of methods (visual, auditory, tactile, and kinaesthetics).

We collaborate with students and businesses to reveal learners' interests and talents so that their God-given purposes may shine through all they do.